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The Government of Karnataka in its Notification No KSA CR.155/2007-08, dated 6/10/2007 has made it mandatory for Companies who have aggregate output tax liability of Rs. 1 Crore or above for the year ending 31.3.2007 to upload sales, purchase and statutory forms in XML format.

We at Relyon Softech Ltd. are providing a ready solution for both VAT Audit and Efiling of VAT Purchases, Sales and Statutory Forms

information. As you may be aware, Relyon also provides solutions for Taxation and Payroll and Saral TDS, Saral TaxOffice, Saral IncomeTax and Saral PayPack are our products successfully running in the market.

Saral VAT100 Premium, by Relyon, makes the process of converting user data to XML as prescribed by Commercial taxes Department, Karnataka. The software, lighter in Size, allows the user to make simple entry in an Excel spreadsheet and converts that Excel data to XML, by click of a button.

The single screen navigation over the controls, such as, Creating new Excel Template, Opening existing Excel Template, Error Finding and eReturn generation, makes it the work very simpler to the user.

For professionals, namely, Chartered Accountants and tax Consultants, they can distribute the excel templates among the clients and get the entered data file from their customers.

Saral VAT100 Premium is the software for generating XML of Purchases, Sales and Statutory Forms Information. This software is designed to reduce the time required to fill in the data for generating XML as per Commercial Tax Department (CTD). Basic validation as per the CTD is provided. Once data is entered and validated in our software, XML would be created. Thereafter, the job would be just log on to user account and upload generated XML files, generate the Acknowledgement for filing purposes. It comes with editable Form 100 (original, correction/revised and final returns), URD purchase management, Gross Profit analysis, DOS and Excel printing of Form 100 and Challan Printing in Quick and Excel. The software is very simple to use and will function from the first minute.


  • VAT Return i.e VAT100, VAT120 has been revised with effect from 1st April 2006 and these changes have been notified by Government of Karnataka in the month of May. This return is quite different from the previous one. The new return resembles the previous Form 3. In fact, it is combination of previous Form 3 and VAT100 that was previously used. In addition to these changes in the monthly information, Annual statement is also introduced for the year 2006-07. These forms are Form 115 for VAT and Form 135 for Compositions.
  • Simple to understand as the software is Excel based
  • Import from any of the Accounting / ERP Solution through Excel.
  • Independent of "VAT 100"
  • Small setup / Quickly deployable.
  • Free of cost updates for the rest of the financial year via internet download from here.
  • Generates Form vat 100, Form Vat 120 [Work Contract,For Trader, Manufacturer, Processor, Hoteliers, Restaurateurs, Caterers,Sweet Meat Stall, Ice Cream parlours and Bakery]. and Form 505,Form 515,Form 240,Form 105.
  • Generates VAT e-Return in XML format as per schema prescribed by Karnataka Commercial Tax Department.
  • Generates Original, Revised,Corrected,Final Returns.
  • Generates Purchase Details,Sales Details with commodity-wise information.
  • Generates Purchase Details with Party names,Party TIN,Invoice Number,Date of Purchase,Net value,Tax.
  • Generates Entry TAX,Special Entry Tax.
  • Generates Challan 152,Challan 153.
  • Calculates Interest in Challan 153.
  • Automatic Credit Carry forward, Option for Brought forward from previous month.
  • Porting of VAT 100 details to Vat 240.
  • All Blank Vat Forms available.
  • Form entries available related to Form 1,Form 3,Form 4,Form 5,Form 6,Form 126,Form 240.
  • Generates Form vat170 with all tax rate from April 2010
  • Seperate Local Vat Office Details is provided with search option.
  • Import & Export Data in MS-Excel from transaction.
  • Brief vat100 Summary Details available with Monthly,Quarterly,yearly.
  • Request For Statutory Forms and generation of XMl available.
  • Provided Commodity List Codes for XML.
  • Party details search by TIN,Name.
  • validation of xml generation and error identification.
  • Auto Backup facilities,Indvidual Backup,BulkBackup Provided.
  • Software Security available
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