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With 5 years of successful track record of serving Trade and Industry, with flagship product “Karnataka Commercial Tax Laws on CD” (KCTLC), Relyon is introducing new version as Saral VAT Info - Karnataka Commercial Tax Laws on CD .

Saral VAT Info unique by itself and is serving large number of Chartered Accountants, Tax Practitioners, Consultants, Corporate and Trade and Industry. Saral VAT Info is like a jewel in the crown, in your library, which makes your Profession brighter and remain as the best bet for information on Commercial Tax Laws.

The Law Covers

  1. The Value Added Tax Act, 2003.
  2. The Karnataka Sales Tax Act, 1957.
  3. The Central Sales Tax Act, 1956.
  4. The Karnataka Tax on Entry of Goods Act, 1979.
  5. The Karnataka Tax on Professions, Trades etc., Act, 1976.
  6. The Karnataka Luxury Tax Act, 1979.
  7. The Karnataka Entertainments Act, 1958.
  8. The Schedule of Stamp Act


  • Extensive coverage: VAT, KST, CST, KTEG, PT, Entertainment Tax Act, Luxuries Tax Act.
  • Easy Accessibility : Acts sorted by Section Nos. and Subject, Rules sorted by Rule Nos. and Subject, Statutory Forms sorted by Form Nos. and Subject, Schedules Rates sorted by Schedule Nos. - and item wise alphabetical listing.
  • Easy Navigation: Hyperlinks from Acts to Rules, Rules to Forms, Rates to Notifications, and from Notifications to Notifications.
  • Item wise linking of Notification: Notification linking with indication of effective Date for Value Added Tax, Karnataka Commercial Tax, Central Sales Tax and Entry Tax.
  • Superior search capability: Advanced multiple-search options ensures search facility with a simple keyword.
  • Ready-to-use Statutory Forms: Option to open forms in Word.
  • First minute functioning : simple-to-use structure eliminates the necessity for training.
  • All tax laws in Single CD : All major Commercial Tax Laws of Karnataka in single CD.
  • Notification Update : As and when the company receives the notifications from sources it will be intimated & updated via email.
  • Quarterly Update : Program update, once in 3 Months, updates the package with latest information.
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