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No. KSA CR155/ 2007-08, Office of the Commissioner of Commercial Taxes in Karnataka,Gandhingar, Bangalore,
Dated : 08.06.2009.

In exercise of the powers under clause (b) of sub-rule (3) of Rule 33 of the Karnataka Value Added Tax Rules, 2005, it is hereby notified that, commencing from the tax period of the month of June, 2009,-

  1. every dealer registered under the Kamataka Value Added Tax Act, 2003 who is effecting sale of any goods in the course of export outside the territory of India; and
  2. every dealer registered under the Kamataka Value Added Tax Act, 2003 who is claiming deduction of input tax of five lakh rupees or more under section 10 of the said Act for the year ending 31 March, 2008 or in any subsequent year as declared in the monthly returns filed for that year, shall enter in the website :, the details of-
    • his purchase of goods made within the State from other registered dealers in respect of which he is eligible to claim refund or deduction of input tax,
    • his sales of goods in the course of export outside the territoty of India, and
    • his sales of goods made to other registered dealers in the State, on or before the 20th day of the succeeding month in the following manner:
      1. The dealer shall operate his account in the website using the user name and password communicated to him by the Commissioner and in case such user name and password is not communicated by 30th June, 2009, he shall obtain the same from the Commissioner or from the jurisdictional Local VAT officer or VAT sub- officer.
      2. He shall follow the procedure and instructions as specified in the website to enter the details specified in cIases (I), (ii) and (iii) above.
        Explanation: This notification shall not be applicable to those dealers who are covered by earlier notifications already issued under clause (b) sub-rule (3) of Rule 33 of the Kamalaka Value Added Tax Rules, 2005.
(B.A. Harish Gowda) Comissioner of Commercial Taxes in Karnataka, Bangalore
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