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No. FD 115 CSL 2007(12) Bangalore, dated: 30.03.2007.
Karnataka Gazette, Extraordinary, 30.03.2007

In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 8-A of the Karnataka Sales Tax Act, 1957 (Karnataka Act 25 of 1957), read with Section 21 of the Karnataka General Clauses Act, 1899 (Karnataka Act 3 of 1899) and in supersession of the notification No.FD 360 CSL 2005, dated 11th November, 2005 published in the Karnataka Gezette, (Extraordinary), dated 11th November, 2005, the Government of Karnataka hereby reduces with effect from the first day of April, 2007, the tax payable by a dealer under section 5 of the said Act on sale of diesel to an industrial unit (engaged in either manufacturing or processing) located in the State for use by such unit in its Captive Power Generation Set to four percent, subject to the condition that such dealer furnishes a declaration duly filled in and signed by the said industrial unit and counter signed by the officer of the jurisdictional Local VAT office or VAT Sub-office, in the form specified below along with the monthly statement to be filed by him.

(to be issued by the purchaser)
M/s…………………(Name and style of business, address and KST number of the selling dealer).
It is hereby declared that diesel purchased from you by me/us, as detailed below, is of use in my / our captive power generation set.
Sl.No. Invoice No. and Date Quantity Net sale priceKST No. Other charges Total
(1)(2)(3) (4)(5)(6) (7)

It is also declared that _________ litres of diesel have been consumed for captive power generation during the month of _________ with ___________ litres of diesel in balance.
I, ____________________, do solemnly declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information furnished above is true and correct.
PlaceSignature ………………….
Full Name, Status of the person
Issuing the declaration, address and
TIN …………………………
It is hereby certified that Sri / M/s._________________ (Name and address) has / have purchased diesel of ______ litres during the month of ___________ 200 for use in captive generation of power as per the purchase bills produced before me.

Date Signature and Seal of the LVO/VSO”
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