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Saral VAT100 Version 2.57 Release Notes


Major changes made in the version 2.57 are :

  1. Form 6 refresh problem Once the saved it should refresh if assessee details changed or Sales value changed.
  2. Tax collected 120 before it was not done to show if they paid through Tax paid screen it should update in form 120
  3. Nil printing in VAT 120 Currently we are showing nil for applicable Composition, It should come for all type.(Active)
  4. Problems in 115 fields 8.1 and 8,3 interchange amount in active report
  5. Problems in 115 7.2 Label correction
  6. Form 120 changes Inclusive of tax option should provided
  7. Form 120 changes Ask the Contractor billing amount and derive a value for 4.7
  8. Annexure II value is not capturing due to interstate 3% intraduced. Now it is solved
  9. Annexure III not coming in Revised return it is solved.
  10. Facility to create a new file from existing VAT / CoT file to CoT / VAT
  11. Entry for Form1 (3,4,5) will be provided so that the user will be able to enter the data and generate the report
  12. Entry for Form2 to submit the PT form
  13. Summary details will be provided in form 240 to display the details like total turnover , total tax paid etc.
  14. Interest calculation as per law for VAT and CoT
  15. Form 135 will be updated according to the latest changes (inclusion of URD details)
  16. In VAT 100 Standard for Interstate sale 7.2 With D form 3% is provided
  17. Acknowledgement Number In mark as submitted (Monthly/Annual) screen we are asking date. By department one acknowledgement number is giving that should come in Mark as submit screen.
Details of Version 2.56 is available here>>
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