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Saral VAT100 Version 2.56 Release Notes


Major changes made in the version 2.56 are :

  1. The first sentence in Form 240 is corrected according to the auditor selected by the user in Form 240
  2. Multiuser registration problem has been fixed
  3. In SaralVAT 100 Standard, Form 240, Part 2 (a), Sl. No. 5. Details of Input Tax Paid on Purchases, when we edit the Tax Amount and save, it will reflect the same in the preview properly. But once we close the file and open it again the edited amount will be replaced by the previous value. The Tax Amount what we edit it is not getting saved.
  4. In Generating VAT 100 Summary in excel Format error message appears “Close the File and then generate appears” when click on Ok 1004:Cannot acess VATSUM1.XLS appears
  5. In VAT 100 Standard->When generated VAT 240 In word Report ->Part -2(b) Serial No:14 Details of return Filed is not appearing were as in quick it is appearing.
  6. Also In Part-1 General Information Serial No:3 (ii)If partnership firm, name of all the partners Should appear names on right hand side
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