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Saral VAT100 Standard and Premium Version 4.10 Release Notes


Version 4.10 of Saral VAT100 Standard and Premium software has been released on 15th June 2009. The release notes are provided here for the reference.

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Release Notes for Saral VAT100 Standard and Premium version 4.10 :

  1. Create Bulk new files-> for yearwise creation of new files
  2. Request for CST Forms included in Transaction -> Statutory forms, Here capturing the details needed for CST Form XML generation.
  3. VAT 505 entry form included in Other Forms menu, Here capturing the details needed for VAT 505 XML generation
  4. CST XML - To generate XML for CST Forms
  5. VAT 505 - To generate XML of VAT 505 partial and Complete
  6. Now commodity master table is made to store commodity name. Now commodity name is available to all trasaction type and, This master details will be avalbe if file is created through last year file.
  7. Port Commodity/ Party from last year file. Here user can port names of commodity and party from existing file to current file.
  8. Tally import in premium version , for both e-return and VAT 100
  9. Find error in XML should take to respective Cell.
  10. In party master State name is included, Search is given on Name and TIN.
  11. In URD Details, Exempt related fields are included.
  12. Annexure II, I Form value updated from VAT 100
  13. Commodity related to 2% entry enabled in transaction and Excel import
Details of Version 4.00 is available here>>
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