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Saral VAT100 Standard and Premium Version 4.00 Release Notes


Version 4.00 of Saral VAT100 Standard and Premium software has been released on 05th February 2009. The release notes are provided here for the reference.

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Release Notes for Saral VAT100 Standard and Premium version 4.00 :

  1. Now, You can do registration for financial year 2009-2010.
  2. "Form I' has been included in VAT 100 Form → Interstate sales → in serial number 5. and also Form H and I has been included in Vat 100 Form → Purchase → in Serial Number 8, and due to above changes related changes has been made in Report, Excel template and Import and Export."
  3. In Premium version ... Button is provided to enter the imported the details from inter state purchase, when VAT type is "Import".
  4. In Form 240 → in section part 2(a) → Serial No 2, multiple line are provided for 'Deduction claimed' field.
  5. In Form 240 → In section part 1→ for serial No 13 and 14 … (3 dotted) Button is provide to get the default Accounting books. For Serial no 14 previously it was Yes/No now it is converted into text fields.
  6. For porting screen, selection of details option is provided in Form 240.
  7. In Form 120 Contractor for each serial no caption is provided.
  8. In Form 120 Contractor Edit all check box is provided for entering all the details.
  9. In 'Party Master' screen grid size enlarged, and Sorting option is provided.
  10. Now PAN and PAN Date are made to print in MIS Reports
  11. In Special Accounting screen, in option1 Sales serial no was made to update properly after saving.
  12. In Form 100 preview Quick format now Special Entry tax is coming after Entry Tax
Details of Version 3.13 is available here>>
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