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Saral VAT100 Version 3.12 Release Notes


Version 3.12 of Saral VAT100 software has been released on 06th December 2008. The release notes are provided here for the reference.

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Release Notes for Saral VAT100 version 3.12 :

  1. In Auditor details screen, New field Audit Firm Name is provided. Now you can print "Auditor Name" and "Firm Name" in Form 240.
  2. Now you can edit the Tax amount, which is provided in all the transactions screens.
  3. Excel Import is now available for Standard Version.(if you select "purchase details" in option setting)
  4. You can export all transaction details to excel sheet
  5. New button "Copy" is provided to copy the files after creating a XML file.
  6. In all transaction screen bulk delete option is provided.
  7. In reports Brief Summary is provided regarding the VAT 100 details.
  8. If Assessee is in "Standard Version" and his taxable turnover is more than 20 Lacks and ratio of sales and purchase is less than 1.25, then system displays the message, while opening a file, "Go for e-Return".
  9. In name and address field, special character ",." as per schema
  10. Menus re-arranged, For backup and restore by creating sub menus. Some shortcuts are also changed.
  11. Now, Gross Taxable amount is not compulsory for Excel Import.
  12. In "Open Existing" screen open of the file problem has been solved.
  13. While re-porting in "Form 240" manually entered data are kept as it is.
  14. In "VAT 100" Quick report Name and Designation are aligned properly.
  15. In "Form 240" alignment problem is solved.
Details of Version 3.10 is available here>>
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